Random thoughts

The fence is being done on Tuesday – I cannot wait as the wind last night has finally done for the gate and even the orange string hasn't been able to hold it together – it is hanging on by a splinter.

As well as destroying my garden gate, the wind yesterday wreaked havoc on hayfever sufferers. Have no idea what it was but virtually everyone was sneezing and rubbing their eyes. I had to redo my make up about three times during the day and still looked like a total wreckage by the end of the day (mind you the bottle of wine probably contributed to the overall great look as well).

I missed the first Big Brother last night but the Beloved tells me it was car crash TV at its worst with a bunch of nightmare wannabes shrieking and trying just too hard to be outrageous. I confess I have checked out the Channel 4 website to find out more about the people that (no matter how hard I try to resist) I will be spending the next 13 weeks with. Ohmigod! I am particularly worried about Dawn – why on earth would a seemingly normal person want to get involved? Perhaps she's not all she seems because presumably she's seen the show before, in which case she knows what she's in for. No real fears though as she'll be kicked out at the first available opportunity.


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