Hmmm revise that

Well spring may have sprung but it looks as though we are now to enjoy some typical British weather with rain, rain and more rain. Shouldn't complain though as we are facing a drought and the ban on hosepipes could continue for two years – two years, my hosepipe will shrivel up and crack!

The communication of the hosepipe ban has been rather sporadic though. You would have thought that you'd get a letter through from your water company telling you that you can merrily fill up your swimming pool with a hosepipe but not water your garden. But no, the poor consumer has to trawl their way through newspapers and the internet to find out when and how they can attach the nozzle.

I'm all for conserving water because we do use ridiculous amounts and I'm as guilty as the next person for really liking a hot bubble bath when I'm tired (showers may get you clean but let's face it, they're functional not fun). However I was rather horrified to hear about our illustrious mayor's water-saving advice. I mean you just wouldn't would you? Or perhaps you would and my addiction to Harpic is coming to the fore again.


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