Dandelions – crafty little characters

I thought it was high time I did some gardening. The garden looked quite nice but rather too much green stuff in the beds led me to believe I had weeds. I'd been looking around at some gardening blogs and was quite inspired by Frankie and Mel in Hereford. Now I am not a really mad keen gardener but reading about how other people were 'doing their green-fingered' stuff, did create enough guilt for me to pull my decidedly pink finger out and at least tackle the dandelions.

I feel quite comfortable with dandelions because I know what they look like, I know they're weeds and need to be exterminated (adopt voice of a dalek). So I followed the step by step advice

  1. get trowel
  2. dig at 90 degrees to the soil as close to the centre of the dandelion rosette
  3. lift until you hear a very satisfying snapping sound
  4. wiggle the weed out getting as much root as you can
  5. tap remaining soil back into the lawn

Obviously this is my interpretation of the great RHS guidelines as they advocate weed killer which I am not too keen on.

Very satisfying I can tell you although it does look like an army of marauding squirrels have been hiding their nutty stashes all over the lawn. I need some people with flat shoes to come and tread down the divots like they do at polo.


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